CRUX #5: Information architecture in action

Settle in for the latest edition of our digital magazine that is getting to the heart of all things UX. In this edition, we focus on information architecture and explore it from a range of different angles.

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2 min readApr 13, 2022

In the crowded and complex world we live in, great user experiences can make all the difference to the way we navigate day-to-day life.

CRUX#5 reveals the many faces of information architecture at work and its positive impact in the fields of business, entertainment, education, and more. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable contributors generously paint a picture of the challenges, opportunities and benefits of harnessing the power of IA in their world.

In this issue:

  • Author/teacher and games user research expert Steve Bromley reveals some fascinating, even surprising insights from the niche world of UX for video games.
  • Product Designer Katie Del Angel from Shopify shares some of her favorite ways to adopt an IA mindset when designing digital products.
  • Digital interactive designer Kate Berry talks about information architecture according to the world of visitor experience
  • Chantal Schweizer from Earley Information Science dives into the all-important area of taxonomies and the merits of following best practices to help drive success in the world of eCommerce
  • And UX Researcher Rebecca Klee shares five approaches to increase the alignment and impact of your IA research.

As always we’re grateful to all our contributors for helping shine a light on the fascinating, even addictive world of UX. They certainly captured our imagination and attention — we hope they inspire and even surprise you too.

P.S. We’re already on the lookout for contributors for our next edition of CRUX for 2022. To find out more please drop us a line.

Originally published at on April 13, 2022.



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