CRUX #4: fresh thinking from the world of UX

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2 min readDec 2, 2021

As the fourth issue of CRUX goes to press the demand for usability continues to grow, along with the rise of the digital experience economy. Sharing a sense of community among UXers is more important than ever. That’s why we’re so proud to bring you our latest issue of CRUX, celebrating people and perspectives from the UX community.

CRUX #4 has a great line-up of contributors, all experts in their fields who jumped at the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with us — and of course more importantly — you.

In this issue, we’ve focussed on collaboration and invited our contributors to bring their thoughts and ideas on communication and teamwork to the table. They’ve come up with some compelling reading that inspires, surprises and at times challenges current thinking and offers fresh perspectives.

Some highlights from this issue

Seasoned researcher Josh Morales from Hotjar tackles the challenge of presenting research effectively with a smart yet simple framework.

“In a word: your findings virtually do not exist if you don’t communicate them well.”

Designer Jordan Bowman of UX Tools ponders the problem of cognitive bias and highlights the key things to look out for.

“Designers are just as vulnerable to the blindspots and errors of cognitive bias as the people who use our products. After all, we’re humans,too.”

UX consultant Eugenia Jongewaard from UX Tips talks about inclusive research and challenges UX researchers and designers to up their game.

“As we live in a world of rapid digital transformation we can’t continue to design in the same way we designed before. We should start designing for inclusion. For that to happen we need to shift our mindset towards inclusive research.”

A plug for the next issue

Do you have a burning idea to share or a conversation you’re dying to kickstart that’s of interest to the world of UX? Now’s your chance. We’re already on the lookout for contributors for our first edition of CRUX for 2022. To find out more please drop us a line.

But for now, get comfortable and settle in for a good read. Welcome to CRUX #4.

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